Across the Universe

By Deirdre Leah Faegre

Words and Music by Lennon/McCartney


Arranged by Deirdre Leah Faegre

Arranged and Produced by Leland Thomas Faegre


Piano, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Deirdre Leah Faegre

Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums and Percussion: Leland Thomas Faegre

Published by On Top Of a Cloud ASCAP

Engineered by Leland Thomas Faegre, On Top Of a Cloud, Lake Tahoe

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AudioSparx, a licensing agent, service provider, distributor and publisher of high-quality audio content to clients in film and television production has licensed Deirdre Leah Faegre’s cover version of John Lennon’s ‘Across the Universe’ to AM French, a filmmaker in the United Kingdom whose feature film, ‘Victims of Love’ is currently in production....Forwarded by Taxi to 'Konami Digital Entertainment' and by InDigi Music c/o Multi Music & Media Group to the producers of 'The Prisoner, ' a modern take on the 1960s British cult television series starring the late great Patrick McGoohan. AMC and ITV have paired up to produce this wildly ambitious six-hour update starring Sir Ian McKellan as Number Two and Jim Caviezel as Number Six and shot on location in Namibia and South Africa. The series will air here in the U.S. in November on AMC, and on ITV in the UK at the start of 2010...


The Story Behind the Song: Awakened by my daughter playing a piano version of 'Across the Universe' in November, 2007, I remember how inspirational her interpretation of John Lennon's acoustic guitar version was for me and I asked for her to record the piano track immediately so that I could consider the arrangement and production further.

Description: Following our relocation in January and the studio configuration of On Top Of a Cloud, Lake Tahoe, I went to work immediately on the basic tracks by interpreting the electric guitar, bass and drum parts the way George Harrison and surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would likely have contributed to a theoretical production of the Spector-produced acoustic guitar arrangement from 'Let It Be,' the twelfth and final studio album from the Beatles.

Credits: Engineered by Leland Thomas Faegre at On Top Of a Cloud, Los Angeles and On Top Of a Cloud, Lake Tahoe

Mastered by David Scharf at In Fidelity Recordings, Los Angeles





"...quite catchy.  Good chorus as well;  great lifts there. Cool music. I love the incorporation of the eastern and Indian influence.  This song has a more ethereal feel... Again, nice visuals with the lyrics..."

---Taxi, July 7, 2008

"Adore this song.  It sounds [great] with you singing it.  Really great."

---Taxi, April 24, 2009



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