AudioSparx has announced the inclusion of Deirdre's irresistable, 'Shining In My Hair' on its Female Pop compilation CD.  A published singer/songwriter at thirteen, the worldwide release of her beautifully innocent, 'Shining In My Hair,' appearing on an artist compilation CD from AudioSparx entitled, Female Pop - Volume 1, came only 9 months following its debut in Summer, 2006.  A collection of female-vocal pop music with a flair, including pop, soft pop, alt pop and Lillith Fair-styled pop music tracks, 'Shining In My Hair' stands out as an endearingly attractive statement of youthful wonder and love of life.  Deirdre's follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' was released, June 3, 2007...Deirdre's newly re-released follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' has been placed in a short film [written and directed by Jack Kearney of The JAX Company Film Production Group LLC] entitled, 'Indian Hill,' about a 12 year old boy and his friends growing up in suburban Portland, Connecticut, circa 1975. A neighborhood coming of age story about the challenge of conquering 'Indian Hill Road' on a bicycle; a feat that separates the “little kids” from the “big kids” in their neighborhood...Based in the United Kingdom, Deeper Thought Ltd, a new entry in the coin operated video game industry and creators of amusement content for video games that build on current and popular trends has licensed Deirdre's 'Shining In My Hair' for 'Make Meez A Rockstar!'  a music based Flash game.  Deeper Thought Ltd specialize in game and system development, game design, programming, hardware design and interface development...


"These are both great songs from a talented artist, with beautiful melodies and strong, catchy hooks..."

---Taxi, April 21, 2008




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Brandi Ledbetter Welcomes Deirdre to RSN TV's 'Tahoe Tonight'

'Tahoe Tonight' host Brandi Ledbetter welcomes Deirdre to Lake Tahoe's top rated evening show February 2nd, 2009. Deirdre perfoms Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock' and is interviewed afterward about her favorite musical influence, her newly re-released follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' which has been placed in a short film written and directed by Jack Kearney of [The JAX Company Film Production Group LLC] entitled, 'Indian Hill,' Jimmy Kimmel and her 'Cartwheel Heard 'Round the World...' RSN TV Channel 12 is your guide to all the exciting events happening around the lake...


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