Sent by Broadjam to 10 different iPhone app development companies and forwarded by 'Taxi' to 'Domino Musik,' 'A Time For Us' has been incorporated in an experimental film from the University of North Texas utilizing natural scenes and the words of Thoreau and Emerson and was forwarded to 'Domino Musik' and to MTV by Taxi.  The Music Supervisor for a popular reality show on the biggest Music Television Network in the world asked for “Great Teen Network Drama-esque Instrumental Score.”


A Time For Us

By Leland Thomas Faegre


'A Time For Us'

Description: Aficionados of Claude Debussy (1862-1918) will likely recognize this track for his influence.  Written late in the 80's, it was a labor of love adding orchestral instruments to the basic piano.  Part of my 'Wedding Suite,' the romantic suite of music specifically tailored for an individual, customized ceremony...

Story Behind the Music: Recently married and having purchased my first midi components, I composed tirelessly and with considerable determination.  The result was a catalogue of material that is still in production.





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"Many thanks for participating in our project and becoming a Landscape featured artist..."

---Nick Austin, Chairman, Landscape TV


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LandscapeHD is pleased to confirm that it has concluded a 
co-operation agreement with Art Channel in France to provide programming for the coming year.

Art Channel is a unique channel showing art in all its forms. Landscape will be supplying programming in one hour segments throughout the day and night supporting the vision of its creator Milan Atanaskovic to create a world-wide channel of arts programming.

Art Channel are currently available on two satellites in Europe Eurobird3 and Eutelsat W2.


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LandscapeHD film-maker opportunities...

LandscapeHD is providing an opportunity for talented film-makers to get their work into our new HD broadcast. We are looking for anyone that can prove an ability to creatively shoot and edit HD footage. For more information on the exciting new LandscapeHD Producer and Director of Photography schemes please visit the Production pages here.

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What is a LandscapeHD film?
LandscapeHD films combine the worlds greatest classical and instrumental music with breathtaking HD imagery from around the world
Which comes first the music or the pictures?
LandscapeHD is first and foremost a music television network. We start with the music and then create a production that is sympathetic to it.


Although only available in standard definition, LandscapeHD will be available as part of this programming to promote its music video download store and build a new audience amongst cable companies - many of whom will never before have been able to see Landscape and its format.

Nick Austin, Chairman of LandscapeHD says "Art Channel is a really good television concept that will also be very good for Landscape. Now viewers can see our HD music clips before they buy them in HD or the AppleTV format. It will give people a very good idea of what the LandscapeHD channel will be doing next year and forms part of our co-operative marketing venture to build awareness of the LandscapeHD and Art Channel brands"

In addition, Art Channel is also available by the Neuf network in France.  From Wednesday 6th February 2008, Art Channel will also be available 24 hours a day on this network - channel 104.  French speaking viewers see here whilst English speaking viewers, can read more here.

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On Top Of a Cloud

  On Top Of a Cloud
  Artist: Leland Thomas Faegre
  Release Date: April 4, 2008
  Genre: New Age
  Styles: World
  Label: On Top Of a Cloud


Distributed by


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A 'Pinnacles Entertainment' Recording Artist



On Top Of a Cloud

All Instruments: Leland Thomas Faegre

Engineered by Michael French at Down to Hear Productions

Engineered and Mastered by Patrick Collins at Collinator Studios



And now heard by over 2 million listeners through the internet

and a hugely popular satellite station on British Sky Channel 0155...


"We have chosen some tracks from the CD you sent us to play on our internet and SKY broadcasts. The tracks are currently on our automated playlist, so we cannot give accurate details of when they may be played. The tracks are: 'Novus Ordo Seclorum,' 'After You,' 'Pipes of Peace,' Serengeti Serenade,' and 'Gypsies of Galatia.'"  Presented on two featured programs, 'Rock The Box with Jimi the Vox,' and on 'Pulse Lounge' with Rob Bailey; heard on the internet around the world and throughout the UK and Ireland on British Sky Channel 0155...



A 'BeatPick' Registered Artist



License this music for commercial use through Pump Audio

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License


Bonanza Music Library:

'A World Of Music'


Professional Reviews

"Well recorded...pleasant solo piano with light accompaniment vibe... nicely done in a mellow mood."

---Taxi, January 15, 2007

"This is lovely. It reminds me of Morricone and that's very high praise.  Well recorded...The writing and arranging here are superb overall. My compliments!"

---Taxi, July 17, 2009


Peer Review

"Legendary sound, very authentic piano playing.  Come out to Australia and tour....10/10 for this one..."

---sergeanttrouser, June 18, 2006


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Instrumental, Classical, New Age, Children and World

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA


Described as 'Yanni Meets Joe Satriani' and 'Vangelis meets Rick Wakeman,' I am a composer/musician/arranger/producer/performer in the instrumental film television and advertising music genres...



On Top Of a Cloud, Lake Tahoe

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