Forwarded by 'Taxi' to 'Songs With Vision' for a Compilation CD to raise social awareness through music. This compilation CD will run through a major retailer and will also be used for non-profit purposes.  SONGS OF PEACE IN A TIME OF WAR attempts to approach the topic of war "in a personal and introspective way, as opposed to some type of political platform; The emotional affects of any war in one’s country, the soldiers with children and the spouses left behind..


The Making of 'Pipes of Peace'



'Pipes of Peace' [subtitled 'For God's Sake'] is a musical documentary of the 'troubles' that have held up the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the people of the partitioned six counties of Northern Ireland for 30 years. Includes actual background audio of the BBC describing various sectarian terrorism in the British province...

Story Behind the Song: The music was written in a loft, on a baby grand on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe [While performing at Squaw Valley] in the week up to Christmas, 1983.

It was originally recorded in late summer 1986 at Central Recording Studios, Bower View, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland in an analogue environment in two sessions. The first session for piano, drums, bass and the BBC audio background; and for the subsequent session, I found an Uilleann piper [representing Catholicism] and a Scottish piper [representing Protestantism] for the symbolic representation of the two religious traditions heard in the track.

For the remix completed 07/06/02, I re-recorded some drum parts, added dulcimer, harp, tin whistle and church bells [for invective] which adds considerably to the dynamic.  I never considered the composition in the context that it exists now, and it is my fondest hope, that the senseless civil war in Northern Ireland can have an ultimate resolution...

---Leland Thomas Faegre

Credits: Recorded in Ireland and the U.S.A.; Mixed and Mastered by J. Brandon Parrott at Cavebear Productions; and Michael French at Down to Hear Productions; Engineered and Mastered by Patrick Collins at Collinator Studios; Arranged, Written, Produced and Performed by Leland Thomas Faegre







"...most unique...I thought it was wonderful how you were able to keep that pipes' drone going through all those chord changes.  This piece really conjures up visuals and creates a palpable mood.  Very good!"

---Taxi, January 21, 2005





"The bass lines are intriguing...solidly crafted…composition, arrangement, performance and production..."

---Taxi, August 2, 2005





"Interesting approach here..."

---Taxi, October 30, 2005

"Peace and war are certainly tied together by the same thread, good theme here...military voice over makes the point...This is articulate and expressive... good blend of musical and lyric imagery."

---Taxi, July 7, 2006


Leland Thomas Faegre on Piano, Bass, Guitars, Dulcimer and Drums: Representing the Secular tradition


"WOW, this is an amazing piece of music!! I thought I was seeing Paul McCartney's making of his 1983 album Pipes of Peace and got this. I thought I was looking at McCartney on the drum track! I saw this video and thought I was looking at Paul McCartney's 1983 "Pipes Of Peace" LP in the making and got this amazing peace of music...!!!! What is this song, who does it and who is playing that amazing drum track overdub...I have been stunned by this song...


---Pretty Little Head


"We have chosen some tracks from the CD you sent us to play on our internet and SKY broadcasts. The tracks are currently on our automated playlist, so we cannot give accurate details of when they may be played. The tracks are: 'Novus Ordo Seclorum,' 'After You,' 'Pipes of Peace,' Serengeti Serenade,' and 'Gypsies of Galatia.'"  Presented on two featured programs, 'Rock The Box with Jimi the Vox,' and on 'Pulse Lounge' with Rob Bailey; heard on the internet around the world and throughout the UK and Ireland on British Sky Channel 0155...

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