free wav samples and drum loops for electronic music production, flash, and video
Download drum loops for your electronic music, flash webdesign or video production
Download WAV Samples and Drum Loops

You may download WAV samples and drum loops for use in your electronic music production, flash projects or video production. These are 100% original unique loops including drum loops, basslines, synth melodies and more.

Download loops and samples from MakeTunes, where you're able to upload your tracks and home studio photos, for feedback from the community of home musicians and producers.

The 44khz 16bit WAV sample loops are intended for use in Cubase SX, Sonic Foundry Acid, Reason, Cakewalk and other major sequencing software, but some producers download wav samples for use with hardware samplers and sequencers.

After many inquiries and suggestions from producers we have decided to launch a Professional Royalty-free Loops website. Stay tuned for details! Our resident drum machine ninja's are hard at work!


Music Production
in a Home Recording Studio

A free online resource for electronic musicians, with guides on electronic music production in a home recording studio, plus royalty-free loops and samples available for immediate download. Legal for commercial media use.

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Recommended Professional Loop/Sample CDs
Studio Loops 3: Raw Hiphop Beats
The award winning X-MiX team of producers are back. With Roonie G, PLP, Donnie B, DJ Serg, and DJ Osheen delivering this collection of high-quality loops that cover a spectrum of all Hip Hop styles, including R&B and Reggae.

Prosamples 3
ProSamples includes hundreds of loops from sample libraries that have already received 28 international awards. Loops include Salsa, World Vocals & Grooves, Breakbeats, Dance Drums, Trip Hop, House & Dance Vocals, Pop & Funk Brass, Pop & Funk Drum Loops, Percussion, Hip Hop & R&B Loops, Guitar Licks, Drum & Bass, Experimental Grooves, Future Beats.

Free WAV samples:
If you want FREE WAVs, MP3s, MIDI or Lyrics check out MusicSites!

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Free Wav Samples:
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Music Production in a Home Studio:
Home studio information, music production articles, musicians hardware reviews, sequencer software reviews, download loops, featured electronic artists and more! Download royalty free loops and samples

Download Loops

You may download WAV samples & loops for use in whatever personal project you are working on. They are not to be used in commercial projects. If you would like to download professional royalty-free wav samples, drum loops, basslines, scroll down.

Why download loops?

Download Flash Music Loops
People developing Flash websites can download Flash music loops to use in their Flash. Hiphop drum loops for instance are very popular as flash drum loops. The most common thing I hear Flash developers say when I ask them why they download flash music loops, is "I prefer to leave the creation of phat flash music loops to the musicians - which lets me concentrate on my project".

Download loops for Electronic Music Production
Producers of Electronic music often download drum loops. Some download loops to fill out a current music track, while others find a drum loop or two are the most effective way to start producing each track. Some electronic music producers cut up loops to create whatever feel they're looking for. Others prefer to layer their loops, and download bassline loops, synth loops, drum loops - you name it!

Download audio loops for video production
All types of Producers download audio loops for use in their production - whether its multi media, video or a custom production.

Download loops and samples from MakeTunes


Download Professional Royalty-free Loops

Professional Royalty-free Loops Check out FreshLoops for pro loop downloads

Why download Pro Royalty-free Loops?
Those wanting to use loops within a commercial product - whether its music, Flash enhanced webdesign or Video production - will realise that in order to create a legitimate legal product, you've got to have the rights to your material. Thats where we come in! Our purchased loops can be used in any commercial production - its up to you!

How will it work?
Our premium Loops will be divided into different CD quality WAV Loop Collections.Simply browse the collections to find the genre or style of your choosing, eg HipHop Loops, Drum n Bass Loops, Trance Loops.

How do I listen to a preview, and read some info?
Click for more info on the Loop Collection you're interested in. You'll then be able to see a detailed description of the loops in the Collection, as well as listen to a preview of the selected loops.

How do I download my loops?
Click the "Buy Now" button next to the Loop Collection you want. You'll be taken to a Secure Server to enter your payment details, and once you've paid you'll be sent back to the Loop Download page, where you'll be able to download your purchased Loop Collection. If you don't wish to download your loops immediately you'll also have a custom download link sent to your email address.

How can I find out more?
Check out FreshLoops for pro loop downloads


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